Cherry ~ Labrador

posted in: Testimonial

Image of Labrador being treated at Animal Holistic TherapiesI swear this girl of mine is totally smitten with the wonderful Neil Barnsley of Animal Holistic Therapies!! Loves each & every visit & her happiness/excitement/ wiggly butt levels increase as soon as she lays eyes on Neil! She obviously also recognises that she’s going to come out feeling like a brand new dog after each visit. Super stoked that her previous injuries to her right back leg seem to have fully healed finally which is super awesome! Just some work to be done on her other back leg which is not 100% but I couldn’t even tell that there was anything wrong with it by the way she acts 😂

Max had a visit too. Seems that he has some neck issues caused by Macho’s attack on him in February 2017. He has been having seizure type episodes for about 8 months now on his front end. They don’t last too long & he comes out of it on his own, but they’re horrible to watch as you can tell by the look of terror on his face that he knows something is wrong but that he has no control over it. Max isn’t a fan of the camera so no pic of him but for an anxious little man, he was the most relaxed & comfortable at Neil’s than he was at his first two sessions, so he’s obviously learning that nothing terrible happens there ❤❤

Thanks so much Neil!

~ Tanya Selby