Poppy ~ Clumber Spaniel

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Poppy on her 13 & a half birthday

We call this "The Neil Barnsley Effect"!

Poppy is 14 years and 7.5 months old (it all counts at this age for a Clumber!), and she spent 36 hours at the emergency vet on the weekend, and we were very worried.

But wait; check her out tonight after her session with Neil yesterday - she is almost as good as new! My 🖤  dog. Best Valentine's Day ever. And thank you to my fab hubby for taking her on the 3-hour round trip to see Neil.

She has bad HD and arthritis, has been on daily meds for it for over 10 years and also has monthly Zydax injections, but once she started seeing Neil mid-2016, she has had a new lease of life. The day after each session she is like a spring chicken. 

We love Neil!

~ Phoebe Mac (25 February 2017)


Image of Poppy the Clumber Spaniel receiving treatment at Animal Holistic TherapiesNeil, you are part of why we still have our sweet (and very bossy!) Poppy Clumber.

She is 15 years and 10 months old today, and her and her sis in QLD are the oldest Clumbers alive in the world today.

You have kept her tuned up over the past few years, and her appointments with you 3 weeks ago and then again today have got rid of her roached back, and allowed her back legs to stand square and stronger again.

She has a thousand ailments that we manage, but keeping her mobile is key.

Thank you for “re-charging her batteries” today!

~ Phoebe Mac (24 April 2018