The staff at Animal Holistic Therapies have touched the lives of many pets and we love to hear about their progress and/or achievements from their happy humans!

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Cherry ~ Labrador

I swear this girl of mine is totally smitten with the wonderful Neil Barnsley of Animal Holistic Therapies!! Loves each & every visit & her happiness/excitement/ wiggly butt levels increase as soon as she lays eyes on Neil! She obviously also recognises that … Read More

Poppy ~ Clumber Spaniel

We call this “The Neil Barnsley Effect”! Poppy is 14 years and 7.5 months old (it all counts at this age for a Clumber!), and she spent 36 hours at the emergency vet on the weekend, and we were very … Read More

Dee Dee ~ Frenchie

Thank you, thank you, thank you Neil at Animal Holistic Therapies. In our house, Neil is known as a miracle worker. He worked an absolute miracle on our precious little Dee Dee. Dee Dee is a 6-year-old French bulldog and … Read More


Just wanted to say a big thank you for the work you did for our dog Tess over many years. She first came to you aged 7 with cruciate ligament tears in both knees. Your laser acupuncture fixed that, and … Read More

Poppy ~ Sheltie

Our newly pirate’d Poppy Popeye with her “brachial plexus” hero, Neil… the wizard who saved her from becoming a 3-legged dog last year!  Margaret Long & I are forever grateful, so would Poppy be, you know, if she understood how special you … Read More

Ruby ~ Cattle Dog

Neil!! No drugs for a week, visit last night and Rubes is doing awesome today. She is happy and skipping about with the others and its a cold chilly day at that! Different girl today after yesterday’s visit! Thank you!! … Read More

Fergus ~ Collie

Fergus is 13 and has been seeing Neil regularly for several years now. He has hip dysplasia, arthritis and back issues. If it wasn’t for Neil, “Fergs” wouldn’t be walking and maintaining the quality of life that he currently has. … Read More

Bella & Bo ~ Elkhounds

Can’t thank Neil enough for helping these guys post injury when we thought nothing was helping and they remained lame. Effects of the treatment were amazing and bedside manner outstanding. They love Neil so much they squabble over who gets … Read More

Riley ~ Sheltie

Neil, you are a wizard!! I was handling a 4 y/o Sheltie dog to his title, but he kept breaking gait, so I took him to Neil, my trusty doggy chiro. Neil diagnosed Riley with a long-term sacroiliac injury; he … Read More

Hugo & Anya ~ Staffords

Thank you to both Gary and Neil for the work you have both done on my Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Hugo and Anya. My dogs are active and constantly on the go, so injuries and strains a normal part of the … Read More

Vegas ~ Horse

Just had to say a big thank you to Neil – my daughters horse Vegas, had his first visit to the centre today… Whilst being quite sceptical, I wanted to go in with an open mind, and was surprised and … Read More

Harley ~ Doberman

If it wasn’t for Gary and Neil Barnsley, my ‘busy’ aged Doberman, Harley, would constantly be on painkillers and cortisone shots for his neck, back and foot problems.  I can’t praise them enough for all their knowledge, skills and compassion … Read More