Dee Dee ~ Frenchie

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Image of Dee Dee the French Bulldog in a neck brace before treatment at Animal Holistic TherapiesThank you, thank you, thank you Neil at Animal Holistic Therapies. In our house, Neil is known as a miracle worker. He worked an absolute miracle on our precious little Dee Dee.

Dee Dee is a 6-year-old French bulldog and is our family’s little princess. She is a gorgeous little dog with a beautiful temperament. Over time we noticed her mood was changing and she wasn’t consistently the happy little dog we knew. She started to go off her food and was struggling to move in her usual manner. At first, we thought she had a problem with her jaw especially seeing she couldn’t gulp all of her food down, and she loves her food.

We took her to the vet that determined the jaw soreness was due to an issue with her neck. We were treating the soreness when she was progressively getting worse and was struggling to walk. Seeing her struggle we took her to get an MRI done. The scan came back with an abnormality in her spine and the suggestion that she needed to have surgery. As a family, we opted against this as the risks outweighed the benefits. So we took her back tour local vet who made a neck brace to support the neck and aid in the healing.

The neck brace along with painkillers did help Dee for a short period of time. But then she went downhill fast. I contacted a breeder friend of mine and asked her if she knew of someone that could help Dee. She suggested Neil, thank you Luan. I contacted Neil straight away and took Dee. Neil was so soft and gentle with her. He gave her a thorough look over and reflected on her scans. He understood her issues and communicated these to me clearly. Neil commenced to work his magic on her. First he took the neck brace off and gave her some acupuncture.

Image of Dee Dee with her Frenchie siblings after treatment at Animal Holistic Therapies

Dee did get worse before she got better. We felt absolutely helpless for our poor suffering little dog as she became paralysed, she could not walk and could only eat mushy food. As a family we tried our best to ensure that she was not in pain. We had that difficult conversation with the kids about the possibility of Dee’s future.☹️

Well, I kept up with the visits with Neil. To our absolute surprise over time Dee started to improve. She actually was able to start walking, hesitantly, but she could now move around and go to the toilet, yippee! Soon after she was able to commence eating more solid food. It was amazing to watch. Now you would not even know that Dee Dee had these issues. I believe she thinks that she has a second lease on life. She runs around like a puppy and enjoys playing with the other Frenchies in the house. We are absolutely blown away with her recovery. This is why my family and I believe that Neil is an absolute master of acupuncture and chiropractic work.

He is a miracle worker!

~ Vanessa Mottee